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The Cambie Secondary Robotics Teams began their second season of VEX robotics competition this weekend by entering the Pacific NorthWest Competition held in Redmond Washington with high hopes.  Having their novice season over and having learned so much last year through the various competitions and having some new equipment heading into the 09/2010 season the teams  worked feverishly to be ready for Saturday. And ready they were!  Both Cambie Teams made it through heated round-robin play and into the quarter finals.  In a tense battle the Cambie teams had to play one another in the semi-final round.  The advancing team went all the way to the finals and came second to their compatriots from Vancouver in a well played final battle.

More impressively the top Cambie team won a coveted Excellence Award.  Winning this top award is a major coup and brings with it an invitation to the World VEX Championships in Dallas, Texas in April 2010.

Sponsor teacher Allan Byres is delighted with the teams first competition of the year and looks forward to what they could do in the remainder of the VEX Robotics season.  Next up is a competition in Vancouver on December 12th before heading to Vancouver Island in the new year.

To keep up the good work and their winning ways, not to mention a trip to Texas, the Cambie team is looking for sponsorship. Please contact Allan Byres or the school directly at 604-668-6430 to give these engineers of the future a boost.

The Official Vex site is here.

Clean Sweep, the game we are playing is described here.

Pictures From Gladstone, Courtesy of Mr. J.Brett are here




















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